August Newsletter 2020

Newsletter from the Pharos Secretary


Brethren, I hope you are still keeping safe and well.

Recently you will have had email from me regarding the Founders and Past Masters Jewel’s for sale on eBay. I was amazed at the speed of response from members offering to not only contribute to the purchase, but the fact that some were prepared to foot the cost in full. With agreed contributions from the first 10 of £10 each, W Bro Steve Davies secured the items on the lodge’s behalf.

On behalf of the lodge I have written to all those who helped, or offered to help, expressing gratitude for the return of part of Pharos History.

These days nearly all secretarial work is carried out on computer but in the past much was hand written or typed (thank you modern technology for making my life a little bit easier!). A couple of years ago I thought it would be a good idea to copy as much of the lodge’s history as possible in a digital format for future generations. I suppose the most recent, about 2 years ago, was to copy the photos of our Past Masters from our photographic record. Whilst several of our founders occupied the Chair of King Solomon in Pharos, only a couple referred to their lodge status at the consecration.

So who were our Founders?
Where did they come from (Lodge wise)?
What was their initial role in 1950?

Here’s what I found:

Name Mother Lodge Office
The Rev. Llewellyn W. C. Langley, B.Sc., P.M., P.P.G.Chap. 1208 Master
Edward F. Prescott, P.M., P.P.S.G.D. 199 Secretary
W. Wilton Baxter, M.A., O. d’Acad., P.M., P.P.G.Org. 1208 Almoner
George R. Plater, P.M. 1208 DC
Frank L. Kendall, M.A., P.M. 1208 Treasurer
Francis J. Ryeland, P.M. 3356 No Office
Sydney H. Morris, W.M. 1436 ADC
Alfred H. Gunn. 1208 SW
Frederick G. Ryeland. 199 JW
Archibald S. Lewis. 1208 SD
Dan H. Smith. 2195/1208 JD
H. Arnold Stanway, B.A. 199 IG
Edmund Crush, M.C. 199 Stwd
Reginald G. Holloway 199 Stwd
Edwin Goldfinch. 199 Stwd
Leslie W. H. N. Hookham. 199 Stwd
Eric W. Pudney. 199 Stwd

From Senior Warden down to Stewards, only 3 never attained the chair, the most interesting being Francis Ryeland, Past Master of lodge 3356. That’s not 3356 in the United Grand Lodge of England, but the District of Rhodesia where he was District Grand Tyler 1957-57, promoted to District Grand Superintendent of Works in 1958. He remained a member of the Pharos Lodge until his resignation in 1970.

Returning to my ‘That which was lost is found’ narrative, I, along with WBro Steve Davies, have been giving some thought as to where some of the 17 Founders Jewels, of which we have 2, and 10 Founders Past Masters Jewels of which we also only have 2, may be?

2025 marks the 75 anniversary of the Consecration of the Pharos Lodge 6967, and I think it would be a fitting memory to those that founded the lodge, and those that followed, if we could get a display cabinet giving our history ready for this date. The time will pass quickly and some of us may not even be around to see it, so if you know of the whereabouts of any of these Jewels, or any Past Masters Jewels, please let me know so the lodge can attempt to encourage the holders of them to ‘let them come home’.

Not my usual Newsletter, but I hope you have found it interesting.

Stay safe, stay well.


W.Bro Arthur Hornby,
Secretary of the Pharos Lodge 6967