Education and Support

Freemasonry encourages its members to learn more about themselves and Freemasonry in general. In learning about Freemasonry, members of the craft are also encouraged to reflect on themselves, their relationships with their fellow men, their families and communities. By deepening our understanding of Freemasonry, it is the hope of every mason that they will deepen their relationships with one another and with others.

As a lodge, Pharos are committed to the advancement of our masonic knowledge and to become better men as a result. Here are some links to useful resources to help develop a deeper understanding of how education, training and support can enrich the life of a lodge.

The role of Director of Ceremonies can be complex. A great DC will hold a myriad of skills in their back pocket to ensure the floor officers provide a ceremony that delivers the depth of feeling and sentiment that every candidate deserves. The role of Preceptor at Lodge of Instruction often falls on the DC, and it is during LoI that the tone, rhythm and delivery of a ceremony is forged. These links below help develop a range of ideas to enhance the role of the Preceptor and will explore a variety of strategies to support a daily advancement of masonic knowledge and understanding.

Spoiler alert! If you are not a Freemason but are interested in becoming a Freemason, you have a choice. While you are welcome to view the documents below, by reading them, you may spoil some of the wonder experienced when joining. The choice is yours but you have been warned.