What is the purpose of mentoring?
The simple answer is “To increase enjoyment in Masonry” and thereby increase both retention in the lodge and recruitment for the lodge.

In any organisation, be it business or leisure, in its broadest terms mentoring is the process by which the experienced assist the less experienced to get the most out of and for the organisation.

Masonry is no different; we want our members to have the best possible experience of Freemasonry and to do their best for it.

Mentoring in Freemasonry is not new, it is a long established practice whereby proposer and seconder have, or should have, always supported candidates and senior lodge members, Preceptors and those attending Lodge of Instruction or Lodge of Rehearsal have always supported officers as they progress through the Lodge.

The role of the Lodge Mentor is to be the coordinator of the lodge mentoring process and to help overcome any difficulties and gaps in provision if and when they do occur. The Personal Mentor will support his individual Mentee. It is hoped the Lodge Mentor and Personal Mentor will work closely with the Lodge Almoner and possible the Lodge Secretary to develop a wider “Support Service” for the brethren as and when it is needed.

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