Electric Car for William Harvey Hospital

William Harvey Hospital Request for an Electric Car

Mini Cooper with all the extras
Mini Cooper with all the extras

Any visit to a hospital is usually a traumatic event, but the trip from a Hospital theatre reception room, usually lying on a trolley, to the anaesthetic room prior to an operation is a daunting prospect for anyone.

Now imagine what it must be like for a young child!

In December 2019 we received the following email;

To whom it may concern;
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I am an anaesthetic practitioner at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford and I am writing to you because we are attempting to make our theatre department more fun for our younger patients. I wonder if you might be interested in helping us achieve this goal by investing in an electric car for children to drive from the theatre reception to the anaesthetic room. These are available for around £130 at various toy shops. Such a purchase would benefit countless children within the community and help to make an otherwise scary experience a little more fun.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sarah Yarrow.

I must first declare an interest as Sarah is my daughter. That notwithstanding I brought the matter up with lodge members at one of our regular breakfast meetings and it was suggested that the Social Fund could pay for the car in full. I contacted our Charity Steward, WB Steve Davies, and other senior lodge members and the consensus was overwhelmingly to proceed. I am now pleased to report that the presentation was made by our Worshipful Master, WB Roger Gabriel, accompanied by Bro Craig Collins, our Master Elect at the William Harvey Hospital on Friday 7th February in the presence of East Kent Hospitals University Trust publicity department, accompanied by Sarah Whibley, Theatre Manager of WHH Main Theatres and CDSU, with a number of other theatre staff members, who received the gift on behalf of the Hospital.

Electric car presentation
Roger Gabriel with Sarah Whibley and Craig Collins

After a brief explanation of operating instructions those present were given a demonstration of the car’s versatility. A photo session followed after which our party left the smiling group, who we suspect, may have spent more time testing the vehicles manoeuvrability.

It just goes to prove that you can bring happiness to many without having to go to great expense.