The Pharos at Dover Castle

Brief background to symbolism and history of Pharos Lodge 6967.

The Pharos dates from the second Roman invasion, being erected around A.D.43. It is the oldest existing building in the country.

Two of these structures were built as lighthouses, to mark the entrance to Dover Harbour.

The Pharos was the eastern beacon, with the other situated to the west of the harbour. This latter structure no longer exists but its remains are known as the Bredenstone, after which local Bredenstone Lodge, (no 8093), is named.

For many years “The Pharos” has been the name of the School magazine and an artist’s impression of the building has been incorporated on its front cover for well over 100 years.

Former pupils of the school are known as “Old Pharosians”.

The original function of the Pharos and the School motto Fiat Lux (“Let there be Light”; Genesis 1.3), have significant Masonic meaning. Accordingly, the Lodge Founders adopted both into the Lodge crest.

Special Meeting held on 20th November at DGSB

Dover Boys’ Grammar School opened in 1904 and moved to its present location on Astor Avenue in 1934. Its splendid architecture benefits from both Gothic and classical influences, crowned by its iconic crenellated tower.

Dover Grammar School Old Buildings

During World War II, the school was requisitioned by the Royal Navy as a WRNS station. For the war’s duration, pupils and staff were evacuated to Ebbw Vale, in South Wales.
The school’s alumni include a respectable sprinkling of captains of industry, industrialists, scientists and other high achievers. More unusually, the school is also the alma mater for Topper “Headon”, drummer with the multi-million, record-selling group, “The Clash”. Another pupil was David Elleray, who refereed the 1994 F.A. Cup Final (Manchester Utd v Chelsea), plus 78 international matches and hundreds of premiership games.
Sadly, after providing a seat of learning for thousands of boys, over nearly ninety years, time has taken its toll on the building. Plans are now well advanced to demolish the existing building and to build a new school.
The current building has enjoyed Masonic connections throughout its lifespan. It was officially opened by the then Duke of York, who later ascended the throne as King George VI. He is both father of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and uncle to The Duke of Kent, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.
In 1919, following service in the Royal Navy, during the First World War, King George VI was initiated into Navy Lodge, (No. 2612), where his grandfather, King Edward VII had been the founding Master. The Duke of Edinburgh was initiated in the same Lodge, in 1952.
The King joined other Lodges and degrees and was appointed Senior Grand Warden of the United Grand Lodge in 1923.

The Victory Stamps

After the Second World War, King George VI wrote that: “Freemasonry has been one of the strongest influences on my life”. To underline this, he helped create a postage stamp, (part of the 1946 Victory Issue), which is embellished with Masonic symbols.
Following in such illustrious footsteps, came the Founders of the Pharos Lodge 6967. All of them were either Old Boys or teachers at the school. They were led by W.Bro. John C. Booth MA (Oxon), (nicknamed “The Baron”), headmaster from 1936 to1960.
The consecration, in the school’s grand hall, was directed by Lord Cornwallis, on Saturday, April 29th, 1950, thus adding another strand to the school’s historic fabric.
Since that date, the Pharos Lodge has held its meetings in Dover’s impressive Masonic Hall, a venue that some dozen Lodges and side degrees call home.
Fortunately, however, links have been maintained between school and Lodge. This cooperation enabled the Lodge to return to the school, where it all began, for a final meeting, prior to the demolition.
Considerable consternation ensued when the school advised that, as construction was ahead of schedule, demolition was imminent. This meant that the unique Lodge meeting, scheduled for February 2022 had to be dragged forward, screaming and writhing, to November 2021.
Close, positive and rapid cooperation took place between the Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge. Following endless head scratching over the minutiae of the Book of Constitutions, late-night candles burned, before appropriate authorisation was forthcoming.
Finally, success was achieved. This was thanks to the Herculean labours of Lodge Secretary, W.Bro. Arthur Hornby and I.P.M. W.Bro. Roger Gabriel. Heartfelt thanks are also due to W.Bro. Bob McLester of Bredenstone Lodge, and to W.Bro. Garry Steed, who transported all the required Lodge furniture.
On the eventful, meeting day, Freemasons from far and wide assembled to change the hall into a temple, using the regalia and equipment provided by Province. Against overwhelming odds, involving time limits, transportation requirements, setting up, dismantling and layout, everything worked to perfection. By the time the meeting started, beating hearts had slowed and there wasn’t a ruffled feather in sight!

Converting the Hall to a Temple


A splendid backdrop; the hall being readied for a Masonic meeting, for the first time in over 70 years
Despite the spectre of Covid, some members and visitors travelled long distances to attend.
Among our guests were R.W.Bro Roger Odd, our former Deputy Provincial Grand Master, who continues to be a strong supporter of the Federation of School Lodges, as well as the Joint Secretary of the Federation, himself.
The ceremony undertaken was a double initiation. How appropriate, on this special occasion, therefore, that both candidates were school teachers.
The only twinge of regret was that the delicate task of dismantling the splendid school organ was already underway. Our sincere thanks, therefore, to W.Bro. Nigel Sanne of United Industrious Lodge 31, for bringing his own keyboard to enlivening the meeting.
As the lasts notes faded, the highly-successful and emotional meeting ended and a swarm of human locusts swept through the Lodge room, converting it to a condemned grand hall, full of memories.To our two new brothers. We welcome you wholeheartedly to our Lodge and hope you spend many happy years with us.
The day ended with a highly-convivial festive board at the Masonic Hall. The four-course meal and companionship were splendid, making a brilliant day perfect.
The concept for the Pharos meeting was strongly supported by Mr. Philip Horstrup, Headmaster, to whom we are grateful.
Pharos Lodge was pleased to present a cheque for £500.00 towards the “Replacement Piano” appeal.


left to right
W.Bro. Arthur Hornby, Mr Phillip Horstrup, W.Bro Roger Gabriel

Mr Horstrup is standing directly under the Pharos symbol for the school house off that name.
To round off the Pharos year, a large number of members, family and friends dined together, at a local hostelry. Despite the constraints that have ruled our lives for the last 2 years, the future of the Pharos is secure.

Conceived and written by: W Bro Mike Webb

February Newsletter 2021

Newsletter from the Pharos Secretary

Greetings Brethren, I hope you are still keeping safe and well.

Well that’s January gone and what a change in our lives! The year started with the dark shadow of the new Covid variant which would make our days even blacker. Now, just weeks later we have several vaccines, some already being rolled out and others awaiting approval. It will not be an overnight fix, but we are heading in the right direction. For us masons it means a return to our lodges and ceremonies is getting closer, all be it some months away. Whilst we have not been able to hold meetings or L of I’s, the machinery that makes the lodge work has continued. Last week members of the General Purposes Committee held a zoom meeting to discuss our next moves. Despite the Masonic Activity Suspension, the paperwork involved for our Installation meeting in March still has to be completed, including the list of officers for the forthcoming year. Although the majority of officers will remain in situ as per last years cancelled Installation (we can hardly move up the ladder having had no meetings), there will be a couple of changes. Brother John Cockram will be taking on the role of Treasurer, subject to the usual vote in open lodge. Also, WBro Roger Gabriel will be taking over from me as Membership Officer, working with WBro Garry Steed, our lodge Mentor. 

According to the Provincial Office there are about 200 enquiries from prospective candidates, so hopefully some may be pointed in our direction. That does not mean that the responsibility for recruitment is rested from our hands. I am sure many members may know someone who shows signs of being a prospective candidate. Please remember, as Freemasons we are no longer an organisation that ‘hides its light under a bushel’ but are open and proud to let the world at large know who we are and what we stand for! (This is obviously a matter for the individual to decide when it comes to his own membership).

At this stage I would like to ask all of our members to let me know how they see themselves within the lodge in years to come. Since being founded in 1950, it is the ‘new blood’ of today that will inherit the responsibility for tomorrow. After initiation, the surroundings and prospective work looks daunting, with most convinced that they would never be able to learn what is necessary to progress. Thankfully the majority, after hard work and support, find their fears unfounded, reassured hopefully by the recognition that we were all once entered apprentices. It normally takes about 7 years to attain the chair of King Solomon, but what happens after? For any lodge to operate successfully there is the need for willing members to take on the various offices that form the management team. The Almoner, Charity Steward and Mentor all have important roles to play, looking after the well being of not just our members, but a wider range of tasks. On the management side there is the Secretary and Treasurer, again responsible jobs that have to be fulfilled. The continuity of our lodge mainly, as I have said, needs those members that are progressing to consider how they will be able to contribute in the years to come. Progression is the usual route to these jobs, but it is not uncommon for some jobs to be undertaken by a member who has not been ‘Through the Chair’. As mentioned earlier, a good example of this is when WBro. Mike Nice is steps down as Treasurer, Bro. John Cockram will be taking over. So, back to my original question; how do you see your future in the lodge? As this is the online version please reply to our email address.

Moving on, I am now going to reproduce the various reports given to the recent GPC, I hope you find them interesting;
The Mentors Report

WBro Garry Steed PM. PPrJGD

Well Brethren, What can I say? It has been a long year. I was pleased to be able to attend the only meeting we were able to hold since the original Suspension. I am sure that those who attended were pleased to see each other and return to some sort of normality. Sadly those present were not inclined to allow me to deliver the backlog of “Nuggets” that had been accrued from the beginning of the suspension. That said, I am sure you are all looking forward to the suspension being lifted and the numerous “Nuggets” that I am looking forward to presenting at the earliest opportunity.

As Mentor it has been a strange time. I have attended as many of the Zoom meetings as possible and I have been pleased, not only with contact with other human beings, but the upbeat mood of all that attended.

I am sure that in these times of confinement that the emails from the Province containing links and information have allowed us all to make a “Daily advancement in our Masonic Knowledge”.  As I have said before, there is a wealth of information on the YOUR PROVINCE portal. In the “Learning & Development” section there is something for everybody regardless of your rank.

I am in regular contact with our Entered Apprentice who is very keen to move on in his Masonic journey.

The Membership Officer and I work together when we have a new member in the pipeline and hopefully we will have a candidate ready to go when we are given the “all clear” to resume.

Prior to the suspension I had been working with the Master Elect to perfect his Ritual for the Installation meeting. He had been making good progress and while not “word perfect” he was in a position where we would have had a superb Installation Meeting. I look forward to resuming our LOI’s at his place of work prior to his Installation. (Although by now I am sure he is word perfect).

One of my roles as Mentor is Progression Planning. For a small Lodge like ours this is becoming important. This not only assists the lodge by helping to plan logically the officers for the future it also has a benefit for the individual member in that aspirations, or not, can be recorded and developed as part of the Mentoring process. When we return, I in conjunction with the Membership Officer, will try to make this part of normal Lodge practice.

Finally, I have attended a couple of Group 7 Zoom meetings to try and stay in touch with my fellow Mentors. I have found these fairly comforting as it reinforced that we are all in the same boat in these strange times.


Charity Stewards Report;

WBro Steve Davies

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, well best as possible……  Even though Masonry is in lockdown, Charity doesn’t stop. I have been informed by the Provincial Office that so far Pharos Lodge has raised just over £5,000 towards our 2025 Festival Target – which is excellent.
How, when we’ve been closed for a year, I hear you ask?
Well most of that has been raised through Brethren making regular payments to the MCF by direct debit.
This can be as little as £5/month (a pint & half of beer or a glass of wine) and if you haven’t set up a payment plan can I ask that you seriously consider the idea. It’s very easy.

Click on this link: and fill in your details – job done.

You can chose the amount (£10, £20, £30 etc) & frequency (monthly, quarterly or annual)

Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best for 2021.


Almoners Report;

WBro Dai Bennett

I have had no reports of any members being ill or needing anything. Now we have nine widows in the lodge. So I have nothing to  report. Could you please thank all the members who sent lovely cards for my Josie.

Hope everything is well and all are keeping safe. 

Treasurers Report;

WBro Mike Nice

Whist the lodge finances are looking relatively healthy, there are a large amount of subs for the year 2020/21 still outstanding. Although we have been inactive for almost a year we still have our commitments to Province and UGLE to fulfil.

Our By-Law 6 states; The annual subscription (except for country membership as provided for in By- Law No. 7) due and payable in advance on 1st September shall be such amount as the Lodge shall from time to time decide by resolution after notice on the summons at the previous regular meeting. Any member whose subscription is unpaid for seven months shall be liable to be excluded from the Lodge, after due notice, in accordance with Rule 181 Book of Constitutions.

So we still have a little bit of wiggle room, but if those of you that have not paid yet could do so before our Installation date in March it will make our new Treasurers task a little easier. If you wish to pay online details are included on all summons.

Further News for the Secretary;

WBro Arthur Hornby

On the 22nd November 2019, we requested that a Dispensation be granted for an Emergency Meeting on Saturday the 13th of February, 2021, under rule 140, Book of Constitutions. This was to celebrate our connection to the Dover Grammar School for Boys before the building was demolished. Obviously this is yet another meeting that will not take place, but when things return to ‘normal’, we will once again seek to hold this commemorative event.

In other news I have received the following;

Message from Dover Castle Lodge
WBro Ed Adkins
Lodge Secretary 7202

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our Brother – WBro George Arthur Hornsey, PPGSwdB.  George passed to the Grand Lodge above at midday Thursday 21st January 2021 aged 87yrs having been admitted to the QEQM on Thursday 14th January suffering with a number of health issues.
George was initiated into Dover Castle Lodge on the 8th December 1967 – installed as Master in 1976 and again in 2002. He received his first Provincial appointment in 1984 (PPJGD) / promoted in 1991 (PPDepGReg) and again in 2010 (PPGSwdB).  On the 8th December 2017, George was presented with his 50 year certificate in Masonry.
I have just been informed of the following…. the funeral for WBro George Hornsey, PPGSwdB will be held at 10am on Monday 8th March
I will ensure that you are informed should there be any change with regards to Covid19 restrictions. 

Yours sincerely and fraternally.
Ed Adkins
Lodge Secretary 7202

Message from Province
WBro Duncan Rouse
Provincial Grand Almoner.

Many of you may have received a message from the NHS inviting you to book a place for a “regular Covid 19 symptom-free” test at one of the 24 testing sites in Kent. Details of this have also been posted on our Provincial Facebook page.
In order to ensure that as many as possible of our members are aware of the availability of the test, I give below a link which will take you to the relevant page on the KCC website. This page also provides some background information on the tests and will also enable an individual to book a test at a facility close to home.
With my very best wishes
Yours sincerely and fraternally
Duncan Rouse
Provincial Grand Almoner.

Well that’s about all for now. I will be holding a Zoom meetings, details of which I will send out shortly.
Stay safe, stay well,

WBro Arthur Hornby,
Secretary of the Pharos Lodge 6967

December Newsletter 2020

Newsletter from the Pharos Secretary

Greetings Brethren,

I hope you are keeping safe and well.
Where to begin? After four weeks of lockdown, to end on the 2nd December, the hope was that things would ease slightly. As you are all aware on that date we enter Tier 3, the most severe restrictions. Even if we had been in Tier 1 we would not have been resuming ‘Rule of Six’ as many brethren assumed.

To clarify the instructions from UGLE on the 2nd November the Grand Secretary sent notice through the First risings that the MW the Grand Master had directed that all Lodge meetings be suspended from the 5th November and that the suspension would remain in place until due notice. This open-ended suspension means that at present and until advised further no meetings can take place in December and thereafter (Government lockdown or otherwise).

What does this mean to the Pharos Lodge? At this moment in time we can only speculate, but with the relaxation of rules over the Christmas period infection rates will probably increase meaning yet more severe rules. Our January meeting is doubtful and the Special meeting we were going to have in the Great Hall at the Dover Grammar School for Boys in February 2021 has been postponed.

I have mentioned in previous communications the success of our October meeting when we were able to vote on donations to our regular charities. I have received letters of thanks for our continued support in these difficult times.

Our Worshipful Master, Roger Gabriel, attended an ‘Old Pharosians’ Zoom meeting recently and discussed the situation with the Head Teacher, Phil Horstrup. It looks like we could have our special meeting in Autumn 2021 or Spring 2022 as the building works on the new school are a little behind due to Covid, so at least something to look forward to.

This is a recent picture of the progress.

On a more personal note, it has been a very sad year for the brethren and their families with the passing of four of our number (thankfully none through Covid). We have also said farewell to one of our widows, Mrs Betty Slater and the wife of one of our members, Sheila Copp. I recently contacted some of our older brethren by phone and am pleased to report that the majority seem to be coping ok. One is recovering from a serious operation and sadly another has been diagnosed with cancer. For obvious reasons I cannot go into detail here, but I’m sure you would like to join me in wishing all of our members and their families good health for the future.

Recently I set up a couple of Zoom meetings, one in the morning and one in the evening, both of which were attended by the same 5 people. I know I’ve made a hash organising a couple of these in the past, but I am doing my best to keep us all together. I will continue to set meetings up, but please, if you are free, try to join in. if there are any specific things you would like us to discuss, drop me an email and I’ll let everyone know.If you are having difficulties with the technology please ask as we might be able to resolve these for you.

News from the Province of East Kent;
At the Provincial Meeting in April, Very Worshipful Brother Peter David Williams PGSwdB will be stepping down as Deputy Provincial Grand Master having held the office for the past six years.
The Provincial Grand Master has invited Worshipful Brother Philip Neil South PAGDC of the Northfleet Lodge No 4149 to accept the office of Deputy Provincial Grand Master.
Also at the meeting in April, Worshipful Brother David William Alexander PSGD will be stepping down as Assistant Provincial Grand Master having held the office for the past four years.
The Provincial Grand Master has invited Worshipful Brother Duncan Andrew Rouse PGStB of the Old Cranbrookian Lodge No 6877 to accept the office of Assistant Provincial Grand Master.
I am delighted to inform you that both W. Bro Philip South and W. Bro Duncan Rouse have accepted their respective appointments and will be invested at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting to be held on Friday 16th April 2021.
It will be interesting to see where the county is in relation to Covid restrictions in April.

If you are online, I recommend visiting the Solomon website at run by UGLE. There is a lot of interesting educational information available, including webinar tutorials. Remember our pledge to make a daily advance in masonic knowledge? Well here’s a place that can do just that. The ‘First Risings’ also have a lot of information about the history of freemasonry, so don’t just delete them, have a read and maybe save them as a future reference library?

If there is anything masonic you need help with, remember we have a team in place. Garry Steed is our Mentor, Dai Bennett our Almoner and I am Membership Officer. All of our details are on every summons you have.

That’s about it for now. Please stay safe, as I want us all to be able to return to our ‘normal’ life as soon as possible. Personally, I would rather have a somewhat restricted and secluded Christmas this year and live to see many more in the future. As has been stated elsewhere, ’The virus doesn’t care that it’s Christmas’, so I will be taking the same precautions over the whole festive season. I want to still be around when we can all get together again!

Stay safe, stay well,

WBro Arthur Hornby,
Secretary of the Pharos Lodge 6967

December Tier 3 suspension

Please see latest Update from our Provincial Grand Master:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”PGM Letter”]

Suspension of Activity

Please see latest Update from UGLE:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”MWGM_Suspension_2_November_20201 (1)”]

August Newsletter 2020

Newsletter from the Pharos Secretary


Brethren, I hope you are still keeping safe and well.

Recently you will have had email from me regarding the Founders and Past Masters Jewel’s for sale on eBay. I was amazed at the speed of response from members offering to not only contribute to the purchase, but the fact that some were prepared to foot the cost in full. With agreed contributions from the first 10 of £10 each, W Bro Steve Davies secured the items on the lodge’s behalf.

On behalf of the lodge I have written to all those who helped, or offered to help, expressing gratitude for the return of part of Pharos History.

These days nearly all secretarial work is carried out on computer but in the past much was hand written or typed (thank you modern technology for making my life a little bit easier!). A couple of years ago I thought it would be a good idea to copy as much of the lodge’s history as possible in a digital format for future generations. I suppose the most recent, about 2 years ago, was to copy the photos of our Past Masters from our photographic record. Whilst several of our founders occupied the Chair of King Solomon in Pharos, only a couple referred to their lodge status at the consecration.

So who were our Founders?
Where did they come from (Lodge wise)?
What was their initial role in 1950?

Here’s what I found:

Name Mother Lodge Office
The Rev. Llewellyn W. C. Langley, B.Sc., P.M., P.P.G.Chap. 1208 Master
Edward F. Prescott, P.M., P.P.S.G.D. 199 Secretary
W. Wilton Baxter, M.A., O. d’Acad., P.M., P.P.G.Org. 1208 Almoner
George R. Plater, P.M. 1208 DC
Frank L. Kendall, M.A., P.M. 1208 Treasurer
Francis J. Ryeland, P.M. 3356 No Office
Sydney H. Morris, W.M. 1436 ADC
Alfred H. Gunn. 1208 SW
Frederick G. Ryeland. 199 JW
Archibald S. Lewis. 1208 SD
Dan H. Smith. 2195/1208 JD
H. Arnold Stanway, B.A. 199 IG
Edmund Crush, M.C. 199 Stwd
Reginald G. Holloway 199 Stwd
Edwin Goldfinch. 199 Stwd
Leslie W. H. N. Hookham. 199 Stwd
Eric W. Pudney. 199 Stwd

From Senior Warden down to Stewards, only 3 never attained the chair, the most interesting being Francis Ryeland, Past Master of lodge 3356. That’s not 3356 in the United Grand Lodge of England, but the District of Rhodesia where he was District Grand Tyler 1957-57, promoted to District Grand Superintendent of Works in 1958. He remained a member of the Pharos Lodge until his resignation in 1970.

Returning to my ‘That which was lost is found’ narrative, I, along with WBro Steve Davies, have been giving some thought as to where some of the 17 Founders Jewels, of which we have 2, and 10 Founders Past Masters Jewels of which we also only have 2, may be?

2025 marks the 75 anniversary of the Consecration of the Pharos Lodge 6967, and I think it would be a fitting memory to those that founded the lodge, and those that followed, if we could get a display cabinet giving our history ready for this date. The time will pass quickly and some of us may not even be around to see it, so if you know of the whereabouts of any of these Jewels, or any Past Masters Jewels, please let me know so the lodge can attempt to encourage the holders of them to ‘let them come home’.

Not my usual Newsletter, but I hope you have found it interesting.

Stay safe, stay well.


W.Bro Arthur Hornby,
Secretary of the Pharos Lodge 6967

Past Masters and Founders Jewels

Masonic Jewels
Founder and Past Master Jewels

We became aware that a founders jewel and PM jewel were on the auction site eBay, so the lodge decided to purchase them – if we could.  Happily we were successful and they now have become part of our lodge history again.

Below is a little of that history researched by WB Arthur Hornby our secretary.

W Bro Leslie William Henry Norman Hookham

Photo of the WM in 1961
W Bro Leslie William Henry Norman Hookham

W Bro Leslie William Henry Norman Hookham was already a member of the Peace and Harmony Lodge (199) in Dover when it was decided to found the Pharos Lodge on 29th April 1950.

As a founder of the lodge he first took on the office of Steward, which he held for two years, progressing to Junior Deacon in 1954. After what appears to be a short break he resumed that office in 1957, progressing to the Chair of King Solomon in 1961 as Worshipful Master.

In 1971 he received the Provincial Honour of Past Provincial Deputy Grand Registrar, no doubt from the work he had done in his mother lodge as well as in our own. From 1976 to 1986 he was the Library and Museum representative.

WBro Leslie passed to the Grand Lodge Above  on the 6th of March 1989.

Covid 19

Letter from Neil H. Johnstone – Provincial Grand Master – East Kent.
Dear Brethren,
It is with great personal regret that I write to you now to reiterate the communication from the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, issued at midday today, (17th March 2020) that all Lodge meeting under the United Grand Lodge of England are suspended with immediate effect for a period of four months.
This includes Lodges of Instruction, Committee meetings and I have extended the suspension to all Masonic social activities within the Province.
This causes me, and I know all of you, enormous disappointment. How we proceed at the end of the suspension period is yet to be clarified but you will be advised at the earliest opportunity.

The primary responsibility we all now share is the welfare of our Brethren, and their families. Whilst it is in normal circumstance the Almoners role, in this current situation, we are all Almoners. We must all share that responsibility and be aware of and react to the needs of our Lodge members particularly those who we know are more vulnerable. Unfortunately personal visits are precluded, but phone calls, email or any other form of communication, I am sure, will be welcomed by the recipient.

This is the opportunity for the true spirit of Freemasonry to shine through and I have no doubt that you will all continue to support your Lodge and Brethren in these troubling times.

Neil H. Johnstone
Provincial Grand Master/
Grand Superintendent

Hail and Farewell 2019

On 29th of February the Pharos Lodge held its annual ‘Hail and Farewell’ social, saying goodbye to our present Worshipful Master, WBro Roger Gabriel, and welcoming Bro Craig Collins as Master Elect.

These days the falling attendance seen at many lodge meetings is also reflected in the social activities they hold with a decrease in numbers at many events, often resulting in cancellations. It is important therefore that when we are lucky enough to have younger men join us we do our best to provide suitable entertainment for them.

Birthday boy
The “Birthday Boy” (on the right) with his wife Josie and guests

With our latest Brother having ten guests on his table alone, added to the regular supporters we were halfway there. We also had the good fortune that one of our ‘younger’ brethren decided to use the occasion to celebrate his 20th (yes, I did say 20th ) birthday,  such are the pitfalls of being born in a leap year on the 29th of February!

Apart from the birthday cake for Dai, the lodge secretary took the opportunity to present a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for all the hard work Dai has put in as Almoner for many years.

With a total of 21 in his party we had a total of 67 sit down to a cracking meal in the Masonic Centre at Dover and then danced the night away to a disco.

As always Charity was at the heart of what we do. With the profits from the evening totalling over £600.00, the social committee is adding funds to allow £1,000.00 to be given to the 2025 Festival. Our thanks to WBro Steve Davies for taking on the role of MC for the evening, Bros John Cockram, Bob Duffy and Mark Pitchers for their help with the Raffle etc, and our Caterer and his staff for a wonderful meal and excellent service, but mainly to all of those who came and supported the occasion.


Look our for details of our summer BBQ at Wootton Village Hall