The Pharos at Dover Castle

Brief background to symbolism and history of Pharos Lodge 6967.

The Pharos dates from the second Roman invasion, being erected around A.D.43. It is the oldest existing building in the country.

Two of these structures were built as lighthouses, to mark the entrance to Dover Harbour.

The Pharos was the eastern beacon, with the other situated to the west of the harbour. This latter structure no longer exists but its remains are known as the Bredenstone, after which local Bredenstone Lodge, (no 8093), is named.

For many years “The Pharos” has been the name of the School magazine and an artist’s impression of the building has been incorporated on its front cover for well over 100 years.

Former pupils of the school are known as “Old Pharosians”.

The original function of the Pharos and the School motto Fiat Lux (“Let there be Light”; Genesis 1.3), have significant Masonic meaning. Accordingly, the Lodge Founders adopted both into the Lodge crest.